Loophole Supplements is an editioning platform setup by Nick Davies. The editions are aimed towards being an alternative platform for artists and creatives within Wales and the South West, with an emphasis on working within a place based practice.

The name of the label is a reference to the editions' use of loophole staples, whilst also pointing towards the other meaning of the term: an ambiguity within a system. Loophole aims to act as an alternative kind of tourist information handout, offering people the chance of looking at their surroundings in new ways and through a different lense. The artists and creatives selected for Loophole are either emerging practitioners, or those who are not part of the usual gallery circuits. This means that the editions also act as an alternative form of exposure for those commissioned. This is further extended by the distribution of the editions, going to both art institutions, tourist information centres, and other public venues.

The editions are collaboratively produced using a risograph, a duplicating machine that was traditionally used by political parties, schools, and community halls as a way to affordably produce their pamphlets and handouts. These machines are now becoming used more and more by the creative industries due to their vibrant colours and affordable costs for print runs of over 30 copies.

Nick selects artists based on how he sees the platform extending their practice whilst promoting what they already do on their own terms. The resulting zines are a collaborative production between the artist and Nick.