Thomas Goddard is an artist based in Swansea, his work is multi-disiplinary and aims to explore the relationship between the individual and society and the impact that media misinformation has on contemporary culture. For this edition Goddard has teamed up with Loophole to offer a hidden extra to accompany his current project Teggie: The Beast of Bala Lake.
For this project Goddard is creating an archive that explores the myth of the Bala Lake Monster. Whether he aims to demystify (like a detective) or promote (in the spirit of places like Beddgelert or Loch Ness) is left open, and the forms utilized range from historic documents through to recent footage. The Loophole contribution to this project works as a small, ambiguous, yet suggestive collection of imagery and documents pointing to what could be, and also documenting Goddard's work to date.