Gabrielle Hoad is an artist and writer who lives and works in Exeter, Devon, UK.
Hoad works across drawing, sculpture and digital media to test the limits of 'objective' observation and description. Her current work is heavily research based and focuses on the ideal of exactitude in the mapping of reality - and phenomena that elude it.
Loophole #6 is another taster of a larger work, this time a research project based just outside of Exeter in Ide. The larger project is called Foreign Soil and is in partnership with OrganicArts and West Town Farm, and in consultation with banana cultivation and climate-change experts, a documented attempt to grow edible dessert bananas outdoors in the UK. By suggesting the imposition of this tropical alien on the traditional Devon countryside, the project opens up space for conversations about what it means to eat local food and the future of UK food supplies.
This supplement was kindly supported by Exeter Arts Council.