Nick Davies (yes, I commissioned myself) is an artist and curator based in Exeter. His work spans a wide range of media and often has a research or context based approach. His work explores our neuroses around subjects such as intelligence, creativity, design, and ‘the public’. His work lies on the boundaries between art, design, and performance.
For his edition Davies has brought the Dept. of Public Possibility, fresh from it’s residency in the Milkfloat, Cardiff, to the streets of Exeter. The DoPP is a fictional yet operative public body that aims to think of new ways for art and life to meet in public space. The work for the Supplement is called Public Notice: Exeter and takes the form of planning notices distributed around Exeter creating proposals for public events and structures. Some are ludicrous, some are practical, and some are impossible. All the notices are created and displayed in the same manner as the UK’s councils.
This supplement was kindly supported by Exeter Arts Council.